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How much does it cost?  Fees are currently £13.50 per session.  Once your child has reached the age of eligibility for free early education (15 hours per week) the cost of each session if £3.90.

What does my child need to bring?  We ask that your child brings a bottle of water and two spare changes of clothes as well as the appropriate clothing for outdoor play.

Why does my child need to bring water?  As part of Ofsted requirements, every child needs to have access to water.  Please can you bring a bottle of water every day with your child’s name on.  Also, please remember to take it home and return it to the next session your child attends.  Thank you to all the parents who already provide water on a regular basis.

What spare clothes does my child need to bring?  Please can you ensure that your child has two sets of spare clothes with her, as we do struggle to find enough clothes for some of the children.  Please ensure you have the following items in your child’s bag:  Trousers/ skirt x 2; Top x 2; Underwear x 2; Socks x 2; Nappies x 2 (if required).  All the children need a change of clothes as they often get wet after messy play and we try to encourage independence by allowing the older children to pour their own drinks at snacktimes which inevitably leads to accidents.

What does my child need for outdoor play?  We try to get outside whatever the weather, so please ensure your child has their coat with them.  In winter they will need to supplement this with their hat, scarf and gloves/ mittens and the appropriate footwear.  If your child is wearing wellies, please can you bring another pair of shoes for your child to change into whilst indoors.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?  Yes, we do accept childcare vouchers.  There are numerous schemes available, so speak to your scheme administrators to confirm their requirements.  Usually you will need to provide them with our ofsted registration number and bank account details and they will administer the process for you.

Please don’t forget that if you have any concerns or worries do feel free to come and talk to any one of us, as we want your child and you to have a happy time at Olive Shapley playgroup.