What parents say




“This nursery has been a fantastic place for both my children Melody and Jasmine. They have loved it, such a lovely safe place with very sensitive and caring staff. Extremely flexible and helpful. Lovely intimate and creative playgroup space

Weaknesses- not open Saturdays” -Mum to Jasmine

“Well organised, a safe environment, helpful staff, good educational standards, a welcoming atmosphere” -Mum to Martha

“Friendly,nurturing and caring. Francis has learnt so much from attending and we could not have asked for a better introduction to childcare and learning for him. Observing Francis’  play pattern and helping him develop and grow in confidence and knowledge” -Mum to Francis

“Lovely staff who very obviously like the children (having been at a playgroup where this didn’t seem to be the case, this is really important to me!!) , fun and varied activities and crafts, newsletters are good to help parents feel involved” – Mum to Iona

“Taking on board the individual needs of each child, providing a really varied range of activities and experiences for the children, having keyworkers who really get to know the children, working hard to help the children settle in when they first go to playgroup” – Mum to Caitlin

“Very impressed with the consistent caring and friendly staff. I like the variation in terms of activities and toys played with e.g. some days big blocks, others slide, tents etc. alongside the trusted favourites. There are plenty of activities for the children to learn from and stimulus that she wouldn’t get at home. Loved the Christmas play and Christmas/Summer party and teddy bears picnic are great extras.

Weaknesses- If resource allowed, it would be great to get a snapshot- perhaps once a term- of observations/photos to show how she’s been doing, would have preferred paying regular amounts in equal instalments throughout the year- would have been good to have this as an option

Overall I’m very pleased with the playgroup, the strengths far outweigh any weakness’ and if circumstances allow I’d hope to bring Tilly’s younger sister when she’s 2” – Mum to Tilly

“My daughter has grown in confidence immensely! She looks forward to her time at playgroup and seeing all her friends she talks non-stop about her day. Her social skills have improved so much”- Mum to Sumaiyah

“The setting- room is perfect size not too big, not too small. Range of activities on offer promote all aspects of growth and development. The staff are amazing and that familiarity and care and attention shown to Liam is why he loves attending. I don’t think there are any weaknesses- Olive Shapley is amazing!!” – Mum to Liam